Monday, July 19, 2010

One of My Videos Has Been Parodied

The person in the following video wants to reduce race to a single feature through which racial differences manifest -- namely, skin color -- so that he can avoid focusing his mind on evidence that race also has something to do with behavioral tendencies, and specifically criminal tendencies, that break down along fairly consistent racial lines.

What this person lacks in reasoning skills he attempts to make up for with his sense of humor. I thought he succeeded fairly well in that regard. I laughed, anyway.

To My Critics

Being an individualist does not require me to undertake the impossible task of trying to assess the individual character of every single person I might ever encounter in life. It's not wrong to take into account the relative probabilities entailed by some aspect of a person's identity. It's called critical thinking. To fail to engage in it over concerns of how others might perceive my conclusions would be to bury my individuality.

If you believe that race plays no role in intelligence or athleticism or anything beyond "skin pigmentation," you have either never ventured out into the world or are massively evading the realities it presents. I suggest that you read Charles Murray before concluding that libertarianism cannot accommodate a realistic perspective on racial differences.

The U.S. prison population is more than 40% black, even though blacks are only 13% of the total U.S. population. Whites are less than a third of all prisoners even though they are 66% of the population.

I accept that other factors besides race may help to explain part of the racial disparity in crime statistics. But if crime data across cultures, continents, and economies continue to all point to a correlation between race and crime for the next 1,000 years, would that be enough to open your mind to consider with seriousness what Darwin and Jefferson hypothesized generations ago based on their much more limited observations -- that race has something to do with behavior?

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Libertarian Argument Against Open Borders

Occasionally, we hear the phrase “limousine liberals” used to describe the members of the liberal establishment... It would be equally appropriate,however, to describe some other people as “limousine libertarians”— those who pontificate about open borders while remaining detached from the scenes that their “idealism” generates. They would do well to reflect, in their ivory towers, on whether the freedom they profess for those who are immigrants, if it occurs at all, is to be brought about at the expense of the freedom of those who are not.
-- John Hospers, "A Libertarian Argument Against Open Borders" (

Friday, July 9, 2010

Peikoff on Immigration

Leonard Peikoff, the leading exponent of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, has come out in favor of Arizona's immigration law (

The citizens of that state seek to protect themselves and their property from crime and from ethnic and welfare spoils mandated to illegal aliens and their offspring by federal law. Arizonans' personal and property rights in this context take moral precedence over foreigners' rights to migrate freely to Arizona, Peikoff concludes.

To take the side of the Obama administration in this matter would be a betrayal of citizens who have acted, within the means available to them, to curtail the violations of their rights. To take the side of the Obama administration in this matter would also be tantamount to actively aiding its long-term strategy of increasing the number of government dependents and diluting the strength of the opposition to Big Government.

Peikoff explains why restricting Muslim immigration is a proper defensive function of a government of a free society in another podcast segment.

UPDATE (May 5, 2013):Both segments are clipped, condensed, and presented in this video: