Friday, July 9, 2010

Peikoff on Immigration

Leonard Peikoff, the leading exponent of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, has come out in favor of Arizona's immigration law (

The citizens of that state seek to protect themselves and their property from crime and from ethnic and welfare spoils mandated to illegal aliens and their offspring by federal law. Arizonans' personal and property rights in this context take moral precedence over foreigners' rights to migrate freely to Arizona, Peikoff concludes.

To take the side of the Obama administration in this matter would be a betrayal of citizens who have acted, within the means available to them, to curtail the violations of their rights. To take the side of the Obama administration in this matter would also be tantamount to actively aiding its long-term strategy of increasing the number of government dependents and diluting the strength of the opposition to Big Government.

Peikoff explains why restricting Muslim immigration is a proper defensive function of a government of a free society in another podcast segment.

UPDATE (May 5, 2013):Both segments are clipped, condensed, and presented in this video:


  1. Good stuff Libertarian Realist.

    I am a native born white american, born 1964; I lived in Paris for almost 20 years, until 2004; all I can say is thank God for the internet, as my racial awakening only came in the last four years or so, thanks to Amren, a fast internet connection and a good computer (MacBook).

    I am a very high-IQ, very highly educated, very well-read, well-travelled individual, and this is frightening: for if it takes someone as informed and bright as myself to live into their forties to become racially aware, what does this imply for the less-educated, indoctrinated masses of other whites in the US, Europe, and elsewhere in the Western World?

    I salute you for jumping on this thing and sending out videos that really drive the point home.

    I do hope you will do more.

    However, I ask you to be careful to not be too extreme, as the goal here is to create a racial awakening among fellow Europeans (from the description of my own bio above, it should be apparent what a challenge that is going to be).

    As it is, I think you need to follow the Jared Taylor method: make sure that the intelligence of your argument is greater than the apparent "racist" nature of the message.

    Keep up the good work bro.

    I hope you will accept my critical criticism in a positive way.

    You have a future in the racialist awareness struggle my friend.

    All my very best,

    - Anonymous (unfortunately) from New Orleans

  2. BTW Mister LR : it took me quite a while to post the above comment. You might perhaps want to modify your commenting procedures on your blog so that it is easier for people to comment (I came within minutes of giving up).

    All my best,