Thursday, May 5, 2011


"Homosexuality is another threat the West just like immigration."

No, it isn't. There were homosexuals in ancient Greece, probably just as many as there are today. There will be about the same number (proportionally) 50, 100, 200+ years from now.

There is no growing threat from homosexuality. They don't pass on their genes. They come from heterosexual parents!

Moreover, culture and upbringing has virtually nothing to do with whether a person will turn out homosexual. It's almost entirely genetic (that's why you can often identify gay/lesbian people just from their physical appearance). Anyone who is a race realist should be a realist with regard to sexuality, too.


  1. Legal homosexual marriage debases and undermines the M/F monogamous unit, which is essential for White fertility and White intelligence. - the very cornerstone of Western Civilization. Practically all gays are Cultural Marxists pushing for this subversion of the institution of Marriage.

    'They don't pass on their genes.' Exactly! Homosexuality is not innate behaviour. Culture and environmental variables are certainly factors influencing whether a person will turn out homosexual. As Western Society breaks down there is an increase in homosexual lifestyle. Many 'weaker' individuals who have suffered poor, chaotic upbringings practice the gay lifestyle because it now appears trendy and valid and is glorified by Jewish mass media.
    Put it this way; if homosexuality was not influenced by societal norms, the Jew World Order would waste no time & energy promoting it.

    1. You're a moron. All evidence points towards all sexual orientation being genetic, enviormental, social and hormonal. I'm bisexual and that is a fact. There is no proof that we're genetically inferior since, and there's no proof of a Jewish conspiracy. Don't be stupid. Look at the scientific evidence please.