Sunday, November 18, 2012

60 Minutes: Racism Is Natural

Paul Bloom: If you want to eradicate racism, for instance, you really are going to want to know to what extent are babies little bigots, to what extent is racism a natural part of humanity. 

Lesley Stahl: Sounds to me like the experiment show they are little bigots. 

Paul Bloom: I think to some extent, a bias to favor the self, where the self could be people who look like me, people who act like me, people who have the same taste as me, is a very strong human bias. It's what one would expect from a creature like us who evolved from natural selection, but it has terrible consequences. 

Babies help unlock the origins of morality


  1. Hi Libertarian Realist.

    I really admire your courage in standing up to the militant social constructivist worldview that is legally enforced in the West.

    Before I ever discovered you I read about the differences you speak of about gender and ethnicity in various scientific publications. Although I don't think that statistical averages of populations are particularly useful for everyday life since we deal with individuals most of the time, I do appreciate that you state the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

    Falling fertility in the developed world is caused by big government and Feminism. I have done a brief search of the web and I have not found a video by you that specifically addresses the more anti-scientific, maladaptive traits of contemporary Feminism, particularly American and Canadian Feminism.

    I would appreciate it if you did. I believe that doing such a critique would be consistent with the rest of your work.

    I believe that myself and many other Men's Rights Activists would greatly appreciate it if you did such a video or blog post.

    1. Hi 0bvious_atheist, good idea. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Truthspeakers of YouTube circled the wagons & started making "crossover videos" (outside of their own subject areas) to reach out to other notable iconoclasts & their constituencies as you suggest.

      I would be equally excited to see MRA's such as GirlWritesWhat making a vid on Race, IQ & Society, the Demographic Decline of White People, or even including race in her own deconstruction of feminism, e.g. Why Has Jewish Feminism Destroyed White Families?

      Our respective champions have put forth theories which have explanatory power. Why don't we start to synthesise these expressed truths & see if we can increase our understanding of our world still further? Exciting proposition.

      Thanks & regards,


    2. She will never make such a video. She is an egalitarian. She accepts that feminism is destructive and BS however she won't touch any issue which is pro-White or which involves genetically influenced IQ differences between races. Most MRA's also hold race & IQ and pro-White issues as taboo. They're just more egalitarian claptrap, a response to feminism but not to the general egalitarian ideology which is the fundamental problem.

      What we need to focus on is reestablishing the natural order or at least be prepared for a potential collapse in the future. Enforcing legal equality is just more egalitarianism.

    3. I go into the anti-scientific, maladaptive traits of gender-levelling feminism here:

      Why White Males Are High Achievers

      Why Do Women Suck at Voting?

      Economic materialism and old-age social welfare and pension systems are probably also contributing to low fertility, as seen in Japan and other Asian countries that are less controlled by Western feminism.

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