Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Provocative Videos on Race and Liberty

Realism: The Most Controversial Premise of Our Time

The politically heterodox contents herein are grounded firmly in a reality that won't bend to social strictures or shibboleths. To open your eyes to the unmentionable realities of human nature is to embrace, as Thomas Jefferson put it, "the illimitable freedom of the human mind. For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it."

Question conformity.

Enlarge IQ Bell Curves

The popular denial of innate racial differences in intelligence fosters moral outrage at extant IQ and academic achievement gaps. But racial differences are natural and intractable. Scientists have observed racial variations in brain size, brain structure, and brain fold complexity. The denial of racial differences that extend to the brain is the premise behind Affirmative Action and other government programs that seek -- but inevitably fail -- to equalize outcomes.


No topic of which I am aware gets to the core of an individual's ability to cope with reality better than race. If a person's intellectual core is emotionalism, moral dogmatism, or social conformism, bringing up race will [read more...]


A nation that seeks to repel invaders from penetrating its borders is using force defensively. The end-game of one-world, one-people, all-equal, open immigration idealism is [read more...]

Demographic Decline

Not all births are created equal in nature, and not all populations are inter-changeable.


Libertarian Realist's take on Ayn Rand: The equalitarian idealists expect what they’ve been expecting for decades: that which never has been and never will [read more...]

Debating the Deniers


The goal of “race as a social construct” dogma, as originated by leftist Richard Lewontin, was to undermine both the scientific study and common-sense understanding of [read more...]

More from Libertarian Realist
Being an individualist does not require me to undertake the impossible task of trying to assess the individual character of every single person I might ever encounter in life. Taking into account the relative probabilities entailed by some aspect of a person's identity is a form of critical thinking. To fail to engage in it -- over concerns of how others might recoil emotionally -- would be to bury my individuality. If you are an independent thinker who embraces science as applied to human beings and values freedom, then I invite you to follow my blog, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and spread the word by linking to this page.

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  1. Nice post. I'll spread the word.

    1. To whom would you spread the word? If I spread anything of this sort, I feel certain that I would be lynched!
      It is a fascinating subject matter, though.
      With all of the popular chatter about having an "open and honest conversation on race", this is not what they have in mind!

    2. If you feel that way, then that demonstrates the reason to spread the word more. A day late and a dollar short maybe, but just saw the movie FrackNation on AXS channel, and I am sorry to say that the misinformation it is refuting comes as no surprise. The most recent demonstration of the majority of the so-called media's failure to fact-check the story about the "scammed" football player is only the latest that we know about. The individual responsible for the farce known as Gasland even got asked to answer questions by the person doing FrackNation, and refused. Other previous examples of what he claimed was happening well before "fracking" were brought up, and his response was that they were irrelevant (my words).

      Sorry about the rambling, but it has a purpose. My point is, if you don't bring up the discussion, then who will? We cannot hope for the media to get off of their collective backsides and actually report unbiased facts, since so many of them seem to be pushing one side's agenda, despite the fact that reality is so much different.

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