Monday, December 3, 2012

EvoGen Is Finished

"...I'm finished with making content and the race discussion on YouTube."

No more race videos from EvoGenVideos.

Since my first video against him, he's moved all the way from espousing positive innate brain equalitarianism among all racial groups to stating that he "doesn't know" how much of the racial IQ variances are due to innate differences.  He's moved all the way from denying that IQ is mostly heritable to accepting the 75% estimate I argued for.  He's also learned what terms like encephalization and heritability mean.

This is significant progress.  I'm glad to have helped him make it.  I'm also glad that, unlike him, I haven't had to change any of my core positions since that first video.

If EvoGen will be remembered for anything, it will be that moment when he was refuted by his own sources on the very meaning of heritability. He attempted to downplay it by stating that he merely didn't understand what "variance" means. But that revealed him to be even more profoundly ignorant of his own area of study. He didn't apply heritability correctly because, he admits, he didn't understand an even more basic concept contained within its definition!

 "This is my field of study, and he made a grave mistake in his assumptions about me and what I was capable of."

 "I started the series to LibertarianRacist because I felt vindictive, and I felt the need to intellectually punish someone for challenging me to a fight in my field of study, as well as similar fields of study."

After my last video, EvoGen attempted to divert attention away from the substance of the issue at hand and toward the victimization he feels in his own paranoid mind. But in so doing, he only further impugned himself.

He wants people to believe that FringeElements and I use votebots and sock accounts to ruin his ratings and that his channel was in danger of being false flagged out of existence (like mine actually was).  He never was in any danger from us.  I DON'T use votebots, and I only occasionally use one sock account.  We do have supporters, however.  They may be more motivated to rate and comment than EvoGen's supporters because they hold their views more intensely.  Ron Paul's support was much more intense than Romney's.  EvoGen represents the Romneyesque conventional normative position on race, while we are the Paulesque insurgency.  EvoGen insanely believes that when he responds to certain pro-Fringe or pro-LR commentators on his videos, he's actually talking to one of us directly!  He's literally deluded.  I wouldn't waste my time managing all these alleged fake identities.  And I'm 99.9% sure Fringe wouldn't, either. (He says he doesn't, and he's a lot more believable than EvoGen, who offers no evidence for his charges against Fringe.)

After EvoGen and Skeptical Heretic linked their supporters to one of my videos (that wasn't even directed at EvoGen or Skep), it got heavily thumbed down.  I didn't whine and complain, play the victim card for sympathy, or come up with stupid conspiracy theories.  I didn't even disable the ratings.

EvoGen's strategy for rehabilitating himself is threefold: play the victim, hurl false accusations against me, and repeatedly spew silly, overwrought, pro-wrestling style bluster claiming that he  did actually "beat" me.  The more times and the more loudly and the more hyperbolically you toot your own horn, the more desperate you sound and the less credible you are.

I invited EvoGen to verify directly with Wicherts my representation of my communications with Wicherts. EvoGen either didn't or is lying about what Wicherts told him. I did NOT even direct the academics to EvoGen or his videos, so I couldn't have lied to them about him. Wicherts figured out who I was and that my question pertained to an argument with EvoGen on his own, probably by searching my email handle. My email to him is presented in full in EvoGen Cut Down to Size.

In short, EvoGen's rash accusations of intellectual dishonesty against me have no more merit than his views on heritability.  Making them as he does without any actual first-hand knowledge or evidence of their veracity is itself intellectually dishonest.

"Next time, Fringe, don't white knight for anyone... ever. And weren't you supposed to be hit by a bus already?"

"The reason I started making the videos in the first place is because I hate all of my detractors for existing, and if there was one thing I could change about any of the debates I've involved myself in, each and every one of my detractors would die of cancer."

I didn't realize the all-encompassing extent of EvoGen's obsession with Fringe and me until I came across his Facebook in August. An obsession becomes unhealthy when it causes one to react in a wildly disproportionate, hyper-evasive/mendacious, paranoid, and/or delusional or manner. And I think EvoGen has crossed the threshold on all counts.

In post after post he obsesses over me and his imaginary conceptions of me.  He hurls baseless accusations that make sense only within the framework of his overarching conspiracy theories, goes into canned anti-"racist" rants with a pompous air of authority (as a science student without a degree), and expends great effort trying to bolster his own belief that he's "winning."  In one especially long-winded post that he spent all day typing, one of his own Facebook friends typed "TL, DR."

I'd better end this post here.