Sunday, January 13, 2013

Automotive Realism

A car's performance can be explained solely by environmental factors.   These factors include road condition, altitude, and quality of fuel.  The fastest sports cars tend to receive better care by their wealthier owners, are more likely to get premium fuel, and are more likely to get access to the fast lane based solely on their appearance.  Society perceives sports cars as fast, so they are more likely to be yielded the right of way.  

It's society's fault that sports cars go faster than minivans and sedans.  The they are all made from the same materials, even if they look different.  If you identify all the elements contained within a car, then chemically, there is more variation within car types than between them.

If all car types had the same social standing and had access to the same resources, they'd go equally as fast.  To suggest otherwise is automotive racism!

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