Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Martin Luther King and Libertarianism

Do his ideas and activism merit a federal holiday honoring him?

Thomas Jefferson could be called a hypocrite for owning slaves precisely because he opposed slavery in principle. His ideas are worth honoring. MLK embraced socialism and opposed private property rights in principle. His ideas were largely not even his own (his famous "Dream" speech also contained plagiarized material).

Murray N. Rothbard put it well: "Scratch an egalitarian, and you will inevitably find a statist...

"... flying in the face of their former supposed devotion to the absolute rights of private property, the libertarian movement has embraced almost every phony and left-wing "right" that has been manufactured in recent decades.

"...I told two well-known leaders of the movement that I thought it had become infected with and permeated by egalitarianism...Further, I said that a good indication of this infection was a new-found admiration for the Reverend "Doctor" Martin Luther King. Absurd, they said. Well, interestingly enough, six months later, both of these gentlemen published articles hailing "Dr." King as a "great libertarian." To call this socialist, egalitarian, coercive integrationist, and vicious opponent of private-property rights, a someone who, to boot, was long under close Communist Party control, to call that person a "great libertarian," is only one clear signal of how far the movement has decayed.

"...there is one excellent litmus test which can set up a clear dividing line between genuine conservatives and neoconservatives, and between paleolibertarians and what we can now call "left-libertarians." And that test is where one stands on "Doctor" King...

"...Throughout the Official Libertarian Movement, "civil rights" has been embraced without question, completely overriding the genuine rights of private property...

"...Part of 'social tolerance,' of course, is uncritical and unlimited devotion to open borders; as in the case of most left liberals and all neocons, any proposal for any reason to restrict immigration or even to curb the flow of illegals, is automatically and hysterically denounced as racist, fascist, sexist, heterosexist, xenophobic, and the rest of the panoply of smear terms that lie close to hand."


Lew Rockwell And The Strange Death (Or At Least Suspended Animation) Of Paleolibertarianism

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  1. You've mentioned Rothbard and Ron Paul at least as fellow travelers in videos but have criticized the anarcho-capitalist camp, throwing Somalia in their faces; but I would be curious to hear how you feel toward some of the other stars of the uneasily overlapping libertysphere and race realism camps. Tom Woods? Judge Napolitano? What about white nationalists like Jared Taylor and Arthur Kemp? Nullification or secession? Are figures like Taylor a politically suicidal liability or still worthy and capable of accommodation as was once the case, as indicated by the linked VDARE article? Is fear of the racist smear ultimately libertarians' Achilles heel? Should libertarians continue to patronize Alex Jones even as an exploitable venue for publicizing their positions, or is an association with him too much of an embarrassment? Can identity politics be turned against itself by locating a competent and charismatic black or Hispanic libertarian - a less internationally bellicose Thomas Sowell type, perhaps? - or is this necessarily a loser's game? Any of these topics would make interesting blog posts or videos. But the "demographic decline" ones spotlighting particular cities are always amusing, as well.