Monday, April 22, 2013

Snappish Snipes and Snippets

Progressive Contradictions

Egalitarian: It's homophobic to try to use social conditioning to change gay people. They were born that way.  

Egalitarian: Racial disparities can be fully overcome through social conditioning.  It's racist to believe that races were born that way. 


It's fallacious to draw conclusions about individuals based on a group average (ecological fallacy). It's not fallacious to derive an average from observations of individuals, which is what a white IQ of 100 and a black IQ of 85 (U.S.) represent.

Those who aren't willfully ignorant of statistical averages are called “racist.”

Race Realism in a Nutshell

Biological subdivisions within a species can be established by reference to variations in sets of superficial traits such as hair and skin color. Nobody with predominately European ancestry is born with black skin. Even if Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans didn't diverge in ANY way in brain functioning, they'd still qualify as evolutionarily formed, biologically distinct populations.

Subspeciation occurred in humans the same way it did in other species. We weren't exempted from evolution.  It's because the differences ARE more than superficial that intra-species categorization is protested for humans (and only humans).

Human populations distinguishable by skin color and other observable features that correspond to continental ancestry exhibit respective distributions of cognitive and behavioral traits that matter socially.

You inherit your brain from a particular line of ancestry.  Where your ancestors evolved in the world matters much in predicting how you will perform on such things as tests of IQ (which has a heritability of .75 in the U.S.).


The recognition of racial realities does not automatically translate into a prescription for racial separation (whether voluntary or forced). Deniers of racial realities try to package racial science into some noxious political box so that they can reject the science by way of rejecting the politics.

"People of color" is also a poorly conceived package deal. People of East Asian color are in many respects more different behaviorally and socioeconomically from people of sub-Saharan African color than people of no color (whites) are.  People of East Asian color in the U.S. score higher on tests, earn more, and live longer than people of no color.  Both score higher on tests, earn more, and live longer than people of African color.

We’re All Africans

We all diverged from ancient Africans -- some more than others.

Whites Are More Pathetic Than Blacks

There's nothing more pathetic than self-loathers who actively support policies that work toward their own detriment. Such people exist in much higher abundance among whites than blacks.

Blackness Social Construct History Museums

Monuments to the blackness social construct all over the country (they are never about the biology of blackness) are made possible by the harvesting of white guilt -- mainly in the form of taxpayer dollars and corporate gifts.

Blackness Social Construct History Month

Dedicating an entire month to the politically airbrushed history of a particular race doesn't help us move forward as a society. Let's dedicate February to something that aims to make a difference in the lives not just of blacks, but of everyone who comes in contact with blacks. Let's make February "Black Crime Resistance, Awareness, and Prevention" (BCRAP) Month.

Equality vs. Liberty

Free societies produce more inequalities of outcomes than controlled societies. Libertarians will never achieve liberty by embracing equality as an ideal

Equal opportunity is not a libertarian principle. Favoring some types of immigrants over others and only allowing citizens who possess certain characteristics to vote might better secure liberty for the inhabitants of a nation than would globalist egalitarian democracy.

Those whose moral prescriptions result substantively in more crime and less liberty for their own country and an increasingly less libertarian electorate shouldn't call themselves libertarians. They're global egalitarian idealists.

Mass Immigration

It's proper for a nation's immigration policies to accord with the shared self-interest of the individuals who make it up. The whole world is neither a viable standard of value nor any particular nation's reason for existing.

The notion of immigration being "voluntary" is inapplicable in a welfare-state democracy. The vast majority of immigrants today are of a background that makes them eligible for Affirmative Action. They and their children soon become dependent on and vote overwhelmingly for bigger government.

Americans didn't consent to be ruled by a Third World-derived electorate. And Western Europeans didn't volunteer to become Islamified.

Mass immigration is a cultural Marxist strategem. Liberty is resistance to it.

A Four-Step Action Plan 

  1. Convince white people who matter that the social ills caused by multiracial democracy are not merely cultural but biological and therefore largely intractable.
  2. Offer them a solution.
  3. Build a coalition among freedom-friendly white nationalists and racially aware libertarians and conservatives to engage in political activism/relocation.
  4. Make strategic alliances (if necessary) with other separatist groups.

We're still on step 1.  Proposing a solution to people who don't understand the nature of the problem is futile.