Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Reply to Bryan Caplan

No, Bryan, if you were a Haitian, it would be quite sane for you to advocate that the U.S. adopt an open borders regime.  If you were a Palestinian, you’d quite sensibly want Israel to cease enforcement of its borders.  And if you were unemployed, you’d quite rationally want to be hired by the employer of your choice.

But if you were an employer, it would be crazy for you to hire someone solely on the basis of their wanting to be hired.  If you were an Israeli Jew, it would be crazy for you to champion a demographically overwhelming migration of Arab Muslims, who are hostile to your values, into your country.  If you were a freedom-loving American, it would be crazy for you to advocate unlimited inflows of unskilled, crime-prone, Affirmative Action-eligible, future Democrat bloc-voting Haitians with average IQs of 80 into your country -- unless you had some strategic reason that you’re not telling us about for wanting to bring about an acceleration of the demographic and political degradation of the United States.


  1. I think it's "crazy" for Whites to spend so much of their hard earned tax money on arming and perpetuating a piratical Jewish state in the Middle East, which sponsors massive Third World immigration and shoah denial laws in White countries while rigidly maintaining ethnic homogeneity in its own lands.

    A state which many allege is actually supposed to be somekind of theocratic hub for a future global superstate of the type of talked about by the Communists in the 20th Century and now by the Neo-Conservatives in the 21st Century.

    A state which has been built up and armed almost entirely with Western money, a state founded on the horrific wars of the 20th Century which its founders were actively responsible in producing, a state which actively spies on and infiltrates the United States more than any other state on Earth, a state which murdered dozens of US sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967 in an unprovoked surprise attack and a state which is almost certainly at least partly responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 innocent Americans and others on 911.

  2. As Kevin MacDonald has shown, it IS “sane” for Jews (and Caplan seems to be one) to support such a mass immigration policy in order to undermine the White majority; actually, a whole chapter from The Culture of Critique is devoted to Jews as the primary force behind the change in immigration legislation in 1965 in the United States.
    It’s all logical; Jews try to pass themselves as Whites, but they’re not and they are hostile as a group.

  3. When non-whites come to America it's "immigration."

    But when whites go to a non-white nation it is "colonization" instead.

    Amazing how that works.

    Anti-racist is codeword for anti-white.

  4. The Palestinian Authority is firmly in favor of closed borders ... provided they're doing the closing.

    In other news, I regard colonialism and immigration as the same type of phenomenon. I'm in favor of both.

  5. I'm ethnically haitian.
    I must be insane because I have never been and would never be in favour of open borders in the USA or Canada.
    I'm obviously happy that my parents were able to go through a normal immigration process and that they were accepted into Canada( on the basis of their qualifications) but it seems obvious to me that Canada could have refused to accept them and that it'd have been the prerogative of that independent, sovereign state.
    I know for example that it's extremely hard to immigrate into Japan. Does that mean that Japan's immigration laws are immoral or insane ? Not at all. Japan's immigration laws are its prerogative as a sovereign country. Period. Not complicated.

  6. It's sane for millions of Jews and their White guilted liberal supporters to champion a demographically overwhelming migration of millions of Jews into Palestine and displace their population.

    It's insane for Palestinians to want to return to the land that they were displaced from.

  7. That's how Jews like Bryan Caplan want it. If look behind all the push behind open borders it's exclusively led and organized by Jews and their useful idiot leftists.

    They never ever try it with Israel but just pay lip service to it.