Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Caplan: Open Debate on Open Borders Isn't "Just"

I referred to Bryan Caplan as a champion of open borders.  A champion of open debate he apparently is not.

I just came across this recent post of his: "In a just world, however, researchers would be fired for arguing that people with below-average IQs should be denied their basic human right to accept a job offer from any willing employer."

Fired for...arguing?

This display of Puritanism is rich, coming from a guy who collects a paycheck from a government-funded university -- meaning his real employer is unwilling taxpayers.

Given his willingness to engage with me, I'm disappointed that Caplan has resorted to dogmatizing his view that all Congolese are born (at a rate of 5.5 children per woman) with a right to live and work in Switzerland.  But perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

Left-libertarians (Murray Rothbard's term for globalist egalitarian, open-borders types) such as Caplan are indeed leftists at heart. Silencing opposition is straight out of the leftist playbook.  So are Caplan's appeals to global standards of value (e.g., "human rights" and "people") instead of Americans' rights, interests, and freedoms -- the proper primary concerns of an American government and an American libertarian.

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  1. Thanks for sending the link to the video over.

    I love reading through the comments when Caplan does his immigration posts. Especially when Sailer gets involved.

    I confess, I have a gloomy outlook about immigration.

    I live just 300 yards this bridge. More immigrants means more dysfunction on the other side. I am not wealthy enough to move away.

    In the future, you can contact me at mike at my url.