Saturday, June 22, 2013

Needed by Libertarians: More Race Realism

The left always seeks keep the discussion locked inside the confines of what they've pre-determined to be politically correct.  This is their friendly confines, their field of play, where they have the advantage.

If you are an advocate of liberty and you oppose positive government discrimination on the basis of race in the form of Affirmative Action...if you oppose federal and state efforts to mandate equal educational outcomes by race, then you need to understand IQ heritability.  Black adults possess average IQs that are 15-18 points below the white average in the United States, where IQ is approximately 75% heritable. This explains why the achievement gaps have been so persistent and consistent for more than 100 years, why they aren't narrowing despite herculean efforts by social planners, and most importantly, why they can't be eliminated through social interventions.

If you don't ground arguments against government racial-outcome redistribution programs in the science that shows racial differences are natural, then all you can do is engage in a debate about which social remedies to pursue, which is a debate that takes place on the left's home field.

CATO Institute Exposed

Cato's left-libertarian Beltway policy analysts try to attach themselves to the nation's Founding documents. But they aren't Jeffersonians in substance.



  1. Keep the videos coming, sir, as your work is important and appreciated (apart from the boring bowling one, that is). I would be curious at some point to hear some reflections on the Jews. I bear no personal malice toward them, but have a conservative-minded, libertarian-hostile Buchananite friend who uses "capitalism" pejoratively, champions Kevin MacDonald, and constantly harps on Israeli-descended peoples' destructive influence wherever they make cultural or political inroads. Would you consider Revilo P. Oliver, as one example, to be a fellow traveler?

    1. I've come across many people who harp on the Jewish Question. They tend to be national socialists, and I don't consider them to be fellow travelers. I document Jewish influence occasionally, but it's not my overriding focus and never will be.

  2. Sir, I am black, and pardon me for saying, I'm enjoying the shit out of your blog.

    It's refreshing to hear someone white with some balls tell it like it is. Your presentation is full of well documented statistical and empirical backing, and logically sound. I've got quite a few friends who would be interested in further exploring your viewpoint, and I'll gladly refer them here. Keep up the good work!!