Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Principle of Selectivit​y

Immigration egalitarians would give government the power to make voting citizens out of whoever shows up from anywhere in the world by any means (invited or not). I wish to deny government bureaucrats the new clients and the new voters they seek for their racially and economically redistributive programs. I wish to restrict democracy and therefore citizenship.

I employ the same principle that any rational property owner would: selectivity.  A selective, libertarian immigration policy would spare a free society from being subjected to the high rates of crime, Islamic savagery, Democrat votes, and congenitally low IQs of the Third World. 

Open immigration is not libertarian, and no valuer of liberty who owned a private island in a sea of hostile neighbors would proclaim a policy of unrestricted migration into his micro-nation.  Globalist left-libertarians who prescribe open immigration a priori for all countries -- from Israel to Iceland -- are demanding that the people inhabiting them sacrifice their rational self-interest for a set of ideals that carry destructive consequences.

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