Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Justice for Zimmerman

I find the establishment media Guilty in the Trayvon Martin case.  There would have been no nationwide media coverage and no mass protests demanding charges be filed if Tryavon had been white or Zimmerman had been black.

What if your son was Trayvon?  If the prosecution didn't meet its burden of proof, then Not Guilty is the correct side to take.

The charges against Zimmerman would never have been brought had Gov. Rick Scott not intervened due to outside political pressure.
 "Justice for Trayvon!" they shouted. 
The pressure prompted Gov. Rick Scott of Florida to remove local prosecutors from the case and appoint Ms. Corey, from Jacksonville. She ultimately charged Mr. Zimmerman with second-degree murder.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and subscribed to what I think is your YouTube channel today. I am a cerebral sort of thinker, and a Libertarian, and the Zimmerman trial has stirred quite a bit of thought in my mind. I Googled "Racism is natural" and it led me to several hits including your blog. It is rather remarkable how conclusion biased the scientific establishment is. Their goal is not truth. Their goal is to use science to better mankind, based on the technology model of science. It is a false dichotomy to think that ignoring truth in favor of desired outcome will somehow achieve that end. Nonetheless, science ignores the truth about human nature in favor of Marxist idealism. It is good to know that there are others who do not give into shame in avoidance of truth. Some day, I hope, mankind will understand that seeking truth, even when the answer is unpalatable, will ultimately lead to better understanding and workable models as we cohabitate this world we live in. I would enjoy correspondence with the author of this page.

  2. Great. I'm currently watching some of your YouTube videos as well as this nemesis asshat "Evogen".
    He looks like he just pulled a shift at Waffle House washing dishes. I'm not impressed.
    My position on race is not based on any malice, hate, or dislike. It is purely based on shedding all semblance of shame or guilt in seeking the truth. I recently attended my 20 year high school reunion. I went to a practically all white public high school. Not surprisingly, the school with the highest SAT scores in my state. We had one black male student who was, honestly, very intelligent. His mother worked very hard to push and motivate him, and he graduated with a GPA among the top 20 in a class of over 200. I never noticed as a kid that he was practically illiterate. Upon talking to him on Facebook, I found that his grasp of the English language was on a 3rd or 4th grade level. My belief is that the African genome has inferior development in the language portion of the brain. In the Broca's area perhaps. And it follows that inferior development in that area will effect all learning ability. I believe the capacity for intelligence is there in most, but will never bridge the gap due to language cognition. This man I speak of, upon reflection, was an athlete, and I remember seeing teachers giving him extra attention, perhaps to ease his scholarship requirements. He was no doubt smart, but essentially required special education to keep him on track. And, he was solidly middle class among a very positive peer group that pulled him up rather than dragging him down. He was popular and well liked, so he didn't suffer the same prejudices that an urban youth might. Yet, he still was only able to excel with extra grit and fortitude, not natural aptitude. I know this sampling size of one is not a scientific study. But scientific studies in these areas are almost non existently biased to the egalitarian conclusion for egalitarianism's sake rather than truth. So anecdote is instructive here.