Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trayvon and Profiling

George Zimmerman's profile of a likely troublemaker proved to be accurate. Trayvon did indeed have a history of troublemaking and reacted violently when approached by Zimmerman.  

Profiling is what a functioning mind does in order to relate to unknown persons based on limited information. The establishment media, the race racket, and Eric Holder are engaged in full-time maniacal efforts to exempt blacks not from violence (93% of which is perpetrated by other blacks), but from being cognitively processed.

93% of black homicide victims are killed by blacks (Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008).

In the United States, black males between the ages of 16 and 36 are no more than 3% of the population.  They commit 33% of all crimes.

52.4% of all murders are committed by blacks (FBI Uniform Crime Reporting), even though blacks are only 13% of the population. 

Of all victims of white violent crime, 3% are black. Of all victims of black violent crime, 45% are white.

In 85% of interracial violence incidents between blacks and whites, whites are the victims. 

In 2011, 13,406 black-on-white rapes were reported.  There were fewer than a dozen cases of white-on-black rape.   

New York City police have been told by politicians and the media that they must pay less attention to blacks in order to avoid "racial profiling."  Which means police are spending more time pursuing less likely sources of violent crime, as truth teller Heather Mac Donald illustrates: 

"Blacks, who constitute 23% of the city’s population, committed 66% of all violent crimes and 73% of all shootings in 2011, according to victims and witnesses, but they were only 53% of all stop subjects.

"Whites, who constitute 35% of the city’s population, made up 9% of all stops in 2011, though they committed only 5.5% of all violent crimes and 2.5% of all shootings."


  1. detroit declared bankrupcy. MSM does not mention race.

    reminds me of ur ode 2 japan.

    do u think based on race korea and china/taiwan will be like japan?

  2. All the advanced Asian countries will face shrinking populations.

  3. i saw ur ode to japan. i guess my ? is, if u had visited s korea taiwan beijing et how similar/different would ur experience b from japan?

    s korea as depicted in psy gangnam style looks like japan

    what is ur opinion about race and wealth of india/pakistan, south east asia vietnam cambodia laos thai, arab/iran, central south america, slavs/eastern europe?

    lot of smart indians in the West but india is appallingly poor.

    or to use ur own thought experiment, in ode to japan, how would japan be different if u replaced it with each of the above populations? i agree that replacing japan's population w/african will result in Haiti

    1. Race gives us a good clue as to a country's potential but doesn't determine whether that potential will be met. South Asians have lower IQs than Northeast Asians but Indians tend to fare as well as other Asians in the U.S. Some of that could be related to those immigrant populations coming from a select, higher-achieving group with the means to get here.

    2. Hi
      I saw your Ode to Japan.

      I thought it was interesting.

      I have some interest in visiting East Asia.

      What other countries have you visited?

  4. There is a constitutional issue with profiling insofar as it may violate 4th Amendment probable cause requirements. But the high rate of black street level crime is making these policies seem a reasonable alternative to total breakdown of civic order. Look at it this way: why does the USA need increasingly police state measures to police its cities? The SWAT teams. The armored vehicles. The prison-industrial complex. The surveillance up the wazoo. And now straight from Afghanistan, the drones.

    Some of this is due to the opportunism of the government. Law-and-order is exploited as an issue to ratchet up the power of the state.

    But there is a very real threat from gangbanging--some inner cities are now like the realms of warlord insurgents. Not to mention the routine crime, a disproportionate amount of which is committed by blacks per the sources. And now we see flashmobs, composed of "youth" assaulting the citizenry.

    This does bring up a dilemma for libertarians and pro-2nd Amendment folk. Sooner or later we are going to see an armed citizen shoot in self defense against a flashmob. And then the media-government-race-hustler racket will scream (ooooh!) racism!.

    Are libertarians prepared to deal with this? Are they willing to stand up and state the facts about race and crime in America?

    The Zimmerman affair was a trial run for the race hustlers. They lost the first battle, but there will be more agitation before it has run its course. This would make a good time for libertarians to stand up and be counted. Because if they do not defend Zimmerman's 2nd Amendment rights, the next time around the race hustlers will only have gotten stronger.

    The Zimmerman affair provides other opportunities. Like bringing up the stats on who is committing violent crime. And how the mainstream media lies. And how the government is engaged in a jihad against white people as well as against the 2nd Amendment.

    Unfortunately, libertarians are too often off on tangents. But Zimmerman is where the real battle is being fought.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing up these issues.

    1. We need to relentlessly confront the other side with facts that will put them on the defensive.

  5. We need to relentlessly confront the other side with facts that will put them on the defensive.

  6. I remember Gatto quoting a math professor in Weapons of Mass Instruction, anyways he pointed out that the most important mathematical subject beyond arithmetic for the average person was statistics. Statistical literacy would go a long way towards solving these sorts of stupid.