Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cultural Marxists and Cultural Muslims of the Right

Is lslam a "perfect" religion? Is it "hate" to call black aggressors "thugs"? Will the real Right please stand up?

David Duke Is a Cultural Muslim

David Duke declares, "We're all Palestinians now."  I'm not a Palestinian now and never will be.

People who provide aid and comfort to Islamic militants are part of the problem. They, along with the SPLC, ADL, etc., are contributing to the decline of the West.

I'm inclined to be just as critical of Jews as any other religious tribe. But many white identitarians have an overwhelming need to demonize an enemy, and it makes them form odd and counterproductive alliances.

Refraining from supporting either side's tribal-religious claims is the rational stance to take.

David Duke is an Islamophile -- a more dedicated apologist for Islam than any politically correct leftist of which I am aware.  That ideologically disqualifies him from speaking on behalf of Western preservationists.

Michael Savage Is a Cultural Marxist

Michael Savage (Michael Alan Weiner) insists that Geroge Zimmerman was guilty and that poor Trayvon only gets referred to as a "thug" by right-wingers because we "hate blacks."


  1. I saw your band-aid video and Ferber.

    You talk about race and IQ "science"

    Do you regard sociology as a science? What about women, queer, black and ethnic studies?

    high IQ = privilege according to sociologists.

    1. Sociology is not scientifically rigorous at all. All the popular race and gender theories are protestations of the science of race and gender biology.

    2. maybe not. still, they offer "alternative" explanations

      have you read the sociologists explanation for "science of race and biology"
      i.e this book

      Inequality by Design: Cracking the Bell Curve Myth [Paperback]
      Claude S. Fischer (Author), Michael Hout (Author), Martín Sánchez Jankowski (Author), Samuel R. Lucas (Author), Ann Swidler (Author), Kim Voss (Author)

      As debate rages over the widening and destructive gap between the rich and the rest of Americans, Claude Fischer and his colleagues present a comprehensive new treatment of inequality in America. They challenge arguments that expanding inequality is the natural, perhaps necessary, accompaniment of economic growth. They refute the claims of the incendiary bestseller The Bell Curve (1994) through a clear, rigorous re-analysis of the very data its authors, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, used to contend that inherited differences in intelligence explain inequality. Inequality by Design offers a powerful alternative explanation, stressing that economic fortune depends more on social circumstances than on IQ, which is itself a product of society. More critical yet, patterns of inequality must be explained by looking beyond the attributes of individuals to the structure of society. Social policies set the "rules of the game" within which individual abilities and efforts matter. And recent policies have, on the whole, widened the gap between the rich and the rest of Americans since the 1970s.

      Not only does the wealth of individuals' parents shape their chances for a good life, so do national policies ranging from labor laws to investments in education to tax deductions. The authors explore the ways that America--the most economically unequal society in the industrialized world--unevenly distributes rewards through regulation of the market, taxes, and government spending. It attacks the myth that inequality fosters economic growth, that reducing economic inequality requires enormous welfare expenditures, and that there is little we can do to alter the extent of inequality. It also attacks the injurious myth of innate racial inequality, presenting powerful evidence that racial differences in achievement are the consequences, not the causes, of social inequality. By refusing to blame inequality on an unchangeable human nature and an inexorable market--an excuse that leads to resignation and passivity--Inequality by Design shows how we can advance policies that widen opportunity for all.

      rom Library Journal
      Following in the footsteps of the critical The Bell Curve Wars (LJ 4/15/94) and Measured Lies (LJ 6/1/96), Fischer and his fellow members of the Sociology Department at the University of California, Berkeley, have collaborated to produce a clear and persuasive counter argument to the conclusions of Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein in The Bell Curve (Free Pr., 1994) that racially related I.Q. scores are the determining factors for explaining the differing economic, social, and intellectual success levels of Americans. Fischer et al. first question the validity of Murray and Herrnstein's statistical results. Then "using history, geography, and economics, [they] show" that such inequalities are rooted in environmental background and circumstances, not the obverse, and that these are shaped by social policy and structure. The authors urge that Americans not scapegoat race but look critically at policy and at a design for society to narrow the gaps between the least and most encouraged in our country. Recommended for academic and lay readers.?Suzanne W. Wood, SUNY Coll. of Technology, Alfred
      Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.
      Named an Outstanding Book by the Gustavus Meyers Center for the Study of Human Rights in North America for 1998

  2. George Bush said "Islam is peace" while drumming up patriotard support for a neo crusade against Islam.

    Cognitive Dissonance is the West's State religion.

  3. Perhaps Dr. Duke was simply out to make a point about Jewish control of western institutions and how it's comparable to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, but that's beside the point. He seems to cater to the mainstream white nationalist belief, that Jews are at the centre of white people's demographic decline and if the Jews would go away, everything would magically fix itself. It's a neonazi belief which hurts white nationalism.

    Bringing any of this up on a mainstream WN forum would get you called a Zionist shill.

  4. While he may have been sincere in the past Duke is increasingly coming across as an angry loser who spends more time pushing his books, pandering to muslims and shouting abuse at any White Nationalist who dares name the muslim. Look at this:

    A muslim cut a British soldiers head off on the streets of London? Its because of zionism! Its the jews! He can get away with screaming jew every time one of his precious muslims commits a crime against our race because he has his little sycophants on that site who will stand by him no matter what he says. Look at his childish rants at any who dare disagree with him. Does that look like someone in control?

    Funny thing is White Nationalists hold this guy up as some kind of paragon, not once have I seen him wailing about another dead White person, another city going non White, White people losing their place in the world. Its all moaning and weeping about those poor oppressed Palestinians and how evel the jews are. When did the idea of White Nationalism become solely about pandering to muslims and ranting about the evil jews and how they terrorise all those poor muslims in the middle east?

    1. Good post. No heinous act a muslim commits against Western people will ever be condemned by Duke the deranged.

    2. In no way did Dr. Duke defend Muslims or the act itself in any way in that post. He stated the clear, politically incorrect truth - mass immigration to Britain and the actions of the immigrants can be attributed to the Jewish-Leftist lobby that promotes it.

      It's simple: If someone releases a chimpanzee into your house and it kills your baby, do you blame the chimpanzee or the person who let it loose?

      This is why the WN movement will stagnate. Knee-jerking Philosemites like Liberal Realist who will shout at Muslims all day instead of the actual cause of the problem. He said it himself - the murderer did the beheading, not the murder weapon.


    Oh look its Duke on Irans press tv ranting about israel again. Quite the racket he has isnt it? Plead for WN to buy his books then flaunt off to his little islamic buddies to get on their tv networks to rant about israel.

    Just once I'd like to see that man say something about the white race and not just using us as a cash cow so he can fund his little pro muslim/anti jew crusades.

    1. If you actually watched his videos you'd know that he's make many, many videos expressing his wish for Europe to be wholly White and for immigration to cease.

      Of course, Judeophilic idiots like you and Liberal Realist will suck off Israel harder than any politically correct leftist of which I am aware. You'll ignore this message and still continue to rant about how David Duke has supposedly not done anything for the WN movement, how he allegedly loves Muslims because he defends Palestinian Nationalism.