Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Formula for Defeating "Racists"

The following post was intended for Sam Owl, in response to his video:

You've got the formula down:  

-Dig up some quotes from a few unhinged nobodies.
-Label their peculiar worldviews with the vague, catch-all term, "Racist."
-Position yourself as a righteous crusader against Racism, even though these Racists have little influence and no means of implementing their agenda.  
-Engage in debates with them over their Mantra so that you don't have to debate the realities of racial differences and take the untenable denialist position.

It's all too familiar.

The fact that I was preemptively blocked and thus unable to deliver the post to the Owl and his viewers demonstrates that he follows the fourth point in the formula -- the one about avoiding debates with people who ground their views in reality -- quite rigidly.


  1. I am going to form a group called the Gossamer Bandicoots,
    to oppose the Steel Owls,
    who oppose the White Rabbits,
    who oppose the ongoing White genocide.

  2. How's this for vague and incompetent thinking:

    "We are not an organization, but a collaboration of people dedicated to educating the masses and ending discrimination globally, regardless of its details, whether it be sexual, racial, chromatic, religious or national."

    They oppose "discrimination" (whatever that is) on the basis of a mixture of both inherited and non-inherited attributes: sex (no choice over), race (no choice over), chromatic (mostly no choice over), religion (something you have a choice over) and nation (something you mostly have choice over).

    - Guncriminal

    1. Yeah, well, pedophiles are the most discriminated against sexual minority group. Let's also end discrimination against the dumb, the lazy, and the untalented so that incompetents can fully take over!

    2. 'Let's also end discrimination against the dumb, the lazy, and the untalented so that incompetents can fully take over!'

      LOL, that's what fuels progressivism in the first place!

  3. Note that Stanton considers it a sign of progress that rock concerts in South Africa are integrated racially. Apparently, this balances out the exploding violent crime rates in that country, many of which involve some really grisly details. He mentions that he visited SA during apartheid. I wonder how he would compare things there if he actually lived in that country all this time, i.e., not just showing up for a rock concern or a day at the beach?

    The murder rate of white farmers is about three times the average murder rate, and that’s bad enough,

    And most of these farm murders are committed by blacks. Now, supposing that white people were murdering black farmers in any country, and this pushed the black farmer murder rate up to three times the national average. There would be a massive outcry about hatecrime and so forth. Yet because the victims are white people....crickets.

    Which gets to the real point here: both Sam Owl and Stanton are engaged in the usual liberal mechanism of rationalizing away any attack on Western/white peoples, pace "Suicide of the West." The fact that white people have been largely driven out of Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, Detroit or, for that matter, neighborhoods in various European cities, goes by the boards. The process, whether in SA or the USA or the banlieus, is a combination of race hustlers blaming YT for everything, black-on-white violence (some of it politicized), discrimination (affirmative action, black economic empowerment), and media agitprop. We might note this is similar to ethnic cleansing. And again, the liberal ideological machine ignores it, or when it is too blatant, rationalizes it away.

  4. Some more on this topic:

    I have some experience in South Africa, back when whites still ran the show. Yes, there was a certain degree of repression, and certain lines where white people like myself could not cross (same for blacks, obviously). It was something of an annoyance that you had to be sure to use the "whites only" waiting room in train stations, etc.

    But what precisely was the alternative?

    Look where one-man-one-vote led to in the rest of Africa: one party dictatorships, economic collapse, human rights catastrophes, and attacks on white people. Yes, it may be a pain to have to deal with police checkpoints, but it's a bigger pain to be the victim of a torture-murder. The fact was that apartheid was in place to prevent these train wrecks.

    This is a point which I have brought up to critics of the old SA: if apartheid was so terrible, what system would you have put into its place, given that black-majority-rule proved a failure in the rest of post-colonial Africa? The reality that most blacks were just a few generations removed from a pre-literate, non-technological culture is completely missed.

    Which brings in the issue of racial hierarchy: what if there actually is a hierarchy, say if one race has higher IQ, or a different future time orientation? Or if one race has a culture that it is literate and technologically creative, and the other does not? Is Professor Stanton going to seriously argue that you could then have equal development? Supposing that apartheid had not been made official in 1948—what skills or inventions would blacks have possessed to contribute to "equal" development?

    One reason SA had the shanty towns was because blacks flooded the cities looking for the jobs which only white people seemed to be able to provide. This is also a reason for the pass laws, to keep the cities from being swamped and turning into third world style fiascoes of poverty and crime. It would be interesting to do a survey of black-run cities globally and see how they measure up in terms of civic order, economic advancement, and other indicators.

    Which gets me to a pessimistic observation. Here in the USA, we have had well over half a century of integration, including every social engineering policy in the book. Yet we black-run cities disintegrate, black crime and illegitimacy rates shoot up, and black-on-white attacks increase (most of this is, of course, covered up by the MSM but is well known via the Internet).

    Now, if the USA can not uplift blacks to the point where they can make cities like Detroit, New Orleans, Newark or Gary work, what makes anyone think they can do any better in South Africa?

    I've stated in the past that white-run South Africa was a microcosm of global society: a minority of Western peoples dominating third worlders out of the sheer necessity of white survival, as well as to keep civilization going. Because what is going on today in SA and Detroit is a collapse of civilization.

  5. "Sam Owl", appropriately, is an anagram for "am slow", while "anti-racist" is anagram code for "I is rat cant."

    1. Sam Owl = Maslow (he of the Hierarchy of Needs)
      Anti-Racist: Sir Attican' (hmmnn...)
      Anti-White: Titian Hew (Titian is a shade of brown named after the artist)