Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Speech Falls to Thought Controllers

I couldn't have committed "hate speech" because the video consists of news clips and an inoffensive pop song from the 80s.

An Islamophilic anti-Racist Fixx fanatic from France called FIXXTHE seems to have flagged my video.

Of course, one cannot commit "racism" against a religion.  This video, unlike most I upload, was entirely free racial analysis or commentary.  And the real truth is, I wouldn't loathe fundamentalist Islam any less if all its adherents were white.  

The Brain Police are now on to me and may move to terminate my account in the near future.  Be sure to follow me on this blog and on Twitter.

I won't be silenced.


  1. Have you ever considered compiling your demographic insights into a self-published book of equal parts humorous and horrific content? Maybe a photographic travel memoir of tours through various hot spots of demographic decline? I'd buy it. Paul Kersey publishes a book every few months and from what I hear doesn't even bother to proofread his stuff. A book from you could hardly fail to adhere to a higher standard.

    1. Yes, I have. I'd just need to take a break from youtube...