Monday, September 2, 2013

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  1. Happy to help out. Love your work, its informative and entertaining. Thanks and keep it up LR!

  2. Many thanks to all of you who have made contributions! More videos are in the works...

  3. a lot of ur fans would like to see ur views on
    1-joos as the subverters and promoters of mutlicult and
    2-homosexuals, and their effects on family
    3- meztizos amerindians aborgines hindu indians

    is there a reason u've not commented on judaism?

    many of the things u say about islam/koran can be said of joos and their torah/talmud

    in ur ode to japan and ur muslim video u obviously regard blacks and muslims as dysfunctional.

    u asked how would having blacks affect japan? what about homosexuals? how it would effect the traditional nuclear family if say 50% of society were homosexual?

    russia and putin have passed laws that upset and offend gays
    do u support russia's attempt to become a religious orthodox ethnostate?

    do u support a white ethnostate by non-libertarian means, with russia being something of a prototype. many white russians may or may not see preserving whiteness is important but they do see religion as important, which can preserve their whiteness by proxy. such a state though is not libertarian obviously.

    what about eugenics? not very libertarian.

    ur ode to japan vid is missing from ur yt channel
    besides japan what other foreign nations have u visited?

  4. This is ancient history and I don't know if it was ever addressed but I remember zomgitscriss's assertion that there exists no natural (evolutionary) reason for differences in intelligence between races. And although it was pointed out that different breeds of dogs exhibit different intelligence traits, she fell back on the argument that these were not natural phenomena but rather man made phenomena due to deliberate breeding choices. I think that you used an example of some specific population of cats liked to swim and others didn't to highlight divergent evolution within a species.

    Further to these examples of divergent evolution, of all places, I saw this article on the Guardian website today which notes the superior intelligence of New Caledonian crows:

    I've been a fan of the corvids for a long time and knew about the New Caledonian crows advanced problem solving abilities but having seen this article today, I thought I'd send it to you. The Guardian being a leftist rag will undoubtedly not take this to the logical conclusion and question what this means for the human race but it is an interesting real world example of how some species/races can evolve differently than others.