Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why Are Jews So Overrepresented at Elite Universities?

A critique of David Duke's charges of "racism" against Harvard and other elite institutions for exhibiting disproportionate ethnic representation.

The burden of proof is on the person making a positive assertion (in this instance, the existence of a powerful and far-reaching Zionist conspiracy that explains Jewish overrepresentation). Duke didn't meet his burden of proof in the chapter I reviewed. Nor did he give me good grounds for believing he would meet it elsewhere.

Whites who manufacture narratives of oppressive institutional power when they observe Jews getting ahead are operating on the same mentality as blacks who racially resent white success and blame black shortcomings on "racism." They adopt the methodology of Diversity auditors who set out to infer Institutional Racism entirely from statistics showing underrepresentation. Of course, NFL running backs could be 90% black and Fortune 500 CEOs could be 33% Jewish and both outcomes could be entirely merit based and explainable largely by innate factors.

"It's amazing how many white nationalists start adopting the same arguments as egalitarians...attributing Jewish success to societal privilege rather than IQ.
"Blacks blame whites, and whites blame Jews. Same BS. Different color. You have my respect for being consistent." 


I do think that Affirmative Action can explain some of the lopsided Jewish representation vs. gentile whites at Harvard. Below the cutoff point for being admitted on merit (IQ  ~140?), the ratio of whites to Jews should be larger than it is among the higher scorers who are admitted.  (Assuming Jews have a mean IQ 10-13 points above the white mean of 100.)  Meaning, applicants who are rejected on behalf of black and brown Diversity will be relatively more white, less Jewish.

The following video, from NewEuropeANP in response to mine, illustrates estimated IQs for Europeans and Jews at 2 and 3 standard deviations above the mean (the right tail of the bell curve).  The video attempts to derive a European:Jew ratio for Ivy League schools that would be predicted by IQ, but it overestimates the idealized ratio.

The more important point is that one can't validly infer institutional bias from the observation that particular institutions in particular parts of the country don't reflect national demographics in a particular IQ range.  Jews are demographically more concentrated in the Northeast.  Perhaps high-IQ non-Jewish whites are more likely to apply at and be able to afford universities outside the Ivy League.

"...the Jewish portion of Harvard’s entering class dropped from nearly 30 percent in 1925 to 15 percent the following year" when restrictions on Jewish enrollment were imposed.
-Ron Unz

In the absence of evidence that Jews are being systematically admitted with lower grades and test scores than their white peers (as blacks demonstrably are under Affirmative Action), hypotheses of systematic Jewish favoritism in college admissions aren't well supported.


  1. The second vid seems pretty good but why does he make it sooo complicated. My ears get plugged over with all the numbers. Just say the Goy Bell curve is 32 times bigger than the Jewish Bell Curve and so the the Goys are dumber on average but in absolute numbers it would seem Harvard is jerking the four-eechers around.

    Unz, who is Jewish has an entire section in his article titled 'the Strange Collapse of Jewish Academic Achievement" and he talks about the changes:
    "For example, among Math Olympiad winners, white Gentiles scarcely outnumbered Jews during the 1970s, and held only a three-to-two edge during the 1980s and 1990s, but since 2000 have become over fifteen times as numerous."

    The words 'Over representation' does not seem like an outlandish characterization to me.

  2. It actually is pretty well documented. Unz's The Myth of Meritocracy provides plenty of statistical analysis as to the total improbability of Jewish representation in the Ivies at their current levels.

    Glad to see the previous commentator provide another Unz reference as well.