Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Egalitarian Closet Hereditarians

Even if all human races originally were created equal in intellect by the Nature God, they've since been diverging due to differences in migration and fertility patterns. Oh, and then there was the selective racial breeding that occurred during slavery. To claim that all races have remained static in innate intellectual capacity relative to each other in every country is beyond fantastic.

James Flynn has noted a dysgenic tendency in black fertility, encouraged by government welfare programs.  The government has been doing on a small scale exactly what David Suziki talked about -- engineering a lower-IQ race.

All group differences are caused by some proportion of inheritance and environment. If a population experiences a depressed IQ average relative to other groups due in any part to dysgenic inheritance, then a 0% genetic model for all group differences is obviously untenable.

Yes, the low black IQ average is remediable in the long term through eugenic policies. But because egalitarians hold dogmatically to a fixed 100% environment/0% genetic model for explaining racial gaps and refuse to believe that blacks on net have any genetic disadvantages, genetic remedies (through incentives offered on a voluntary basis, for example) aren't even considered.

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