Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter to Pacific Science Center

Update -- Pacific Science Center's response:

I recently toured Pacific Science Center's exhibit “RACE: Challenge Your Perspective.”  I found errors in the display pertaining to Samuel George Morton’s skull measurements.  The display states that Morton “skewed the results.”

In fact, the scientist who made that accusation, Stephen Jay Gould, was found by University of Pennsylvania researchers to have skewed his own data.  The researchers came to the conclusion that Morton’s original results were accurate.

The Mismeasure of Science: Stephen Jay Gould versus Samuel George Morton on Skulls and Bias

The same exhibit display in question states, “Today’s science indicates there is no link between skull size and intelligence.”  That is false.  Scientists have found a .33 to .45 correlation between brain size and IQ.  Positive correlations between internal cranial volume as well as external cranial circumference with various measures of intelligence have also been demonstrated.

Bigger Brains Make Smarter People

I document these and other problems with the science presented in the exhibit in this video:

RACE Exhibit Displays Misinformation 

I don’t expect a response for all of the issues I raise in the video, but I do think the two issues referenced above merit some action.  Until the exhibit’s language can be corrected, I would suggest removing or covering up the portion of the display that contains erroneous information.

Please let me know how you intend to proceed so that I can inform my readers and viewers. Many of them take a keen interest in the science of human racial differences and are as concerned as I am about the inaccuracies I found.

I thank you in advance.

RACE Exhibit Displays Misinformation 

Science Gone Wrong: 
 White Abolitionism, Forced Fluoridation, and other Well-Funded Abominations 


  1. And if they do not address these inaccuracies? Is there a next step?

    1. I'll make note next week of whatever response or non-response I receive.

  2. (br0kenmech) Well said.

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