Monday, December 2, 2013

Moving to Dailymotion

Update: My falsely flagged YouTube video has been restored.  I'm back in business here.

My backup account:

Apparently, race deniers are now a "protected group" that one can't criticize on YouTube  because of their mental disability.  I'm guilty of ableism.  Maybe Dailymotion will tolerate my bigotry.


  1. there's another way that races despite 99% similar DNA can differ in IQ and aggression - epigenetics. methylantion of DNA chromatin structures etc.

    do u think races differ in attractiveness? while there are beauty and ugly like u i do not find black women attractive.

    1. Studies show that people of all races tend to find white faces more attractive than black faces.

    2. btw the PISA scores are in. once again the east asians score top. africa and india are not represented. Peru scores bottom