Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Left-Libertarians Forsake Non-Aggression for Thought Prescription

"There’s always a letting the emotional reaction carry the day and calling for someone’s head. I can imagine someone wanting that literally to be taken from Sterling. I can’t blame them."

-Michael Nolan, "The Good Thing About the Donald Sterling Incident" (Foundation for Economic Education)

The Foundation for Economic Education should fine Michael Nolan $50 million for his despicable comment.  He condoned calls for murdering a person whose private expressions of personal opinions caused hurt feelings.  Nolan said he "can't blame" people whose raging emotions cause them to want to react violently.  But libertarians can and do blame such impulsive aggressors as threats to freedom.

Michael Nolan should be banned for life from contributing to FEE and boycotted by all libertarians who adhere to the principle of non-aggression. His abhorrent sentiments in favor of violent vengeance against a peaceful person must be utterly eliminated from the innermost hearts of everyone.

A culture that rewards invasions of privacy and the public airing of private dirt for condemnation and punishment (as exhibited in the Donald Sterling fiasco) is not a culture of liberty.  The people behind these obsessively overblown witch hunts over political correctness transgressions don't believe in freedom of speech, association, or disassociation

Arguing that the free market would be a more efficient vehicle for the cultural Marxists to determine what we can say, where we can work, and what we can own won't convince them to cease trying to control us through the government.


  1. Interesting redefinition of libertarianism there. Used to be the only way to be anti-libertarian was to aggress. Now you can be anti-libertarian if you don't blame people for thinking about aggressing.

    And you're calling someone ELSE out for the re-defining crap? You must have trouble walking with balls THAT big.

    1. Tucker isn't anti-libertarian; he's just libertarian in an inept and self-defeating way.

  2. Ilana Mercer agrees with LR: