Thursday, May 1, 2014

Libertarian Tweetist


  1. A few provocative questions. Are Jews white? (Michael Savage, in an unusually revealing moment, has recalled his attempt to "pass for white" as a young man riding the New York subway.) Is Las Vegas, with a view to its provenance, a distinctly Jewish city in character? If a libertarian realist enclave managed to separate itself from the United States and establish a small Jeffersonian republic, would it harbor the likes of gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson, a financier-kingmaker and war promoter loyal to an alien power? Realism married with libertarianism implies slightly mitigated liberty. With this in mind, would you advocate limitations on political advertising in a libertarian realist society?

  2. Hah... Anyways.. why will noone listen to the refugee resettlement deal? I am baffled by that. It's incredibly real. The same people carrying that out are also relocating Detroit... It's a fucking nightmare. I am very envious of you right now LR.