Monday, October 27, 2014

Are Secular Humanists More Religious than Evangelical Christians?

Evangelical Christians who invoke Thomas Jefferson as though his Enlightenment worldview supports Old Testament dogma are analogous to secular humanists who invoke Charles Darwin as though his theory of evolution supports racial egalitarian dogma.  Egalitarians expressly deny that evolution has had anything to do with shaping consistently observed patterns of racial variations in IQ.  Their objection to evolutionary explanations for race differences is as rigidly laid down as the fundamentalist Christian’s objection to evolutionary explanations for man’s origin.
Evolution doesn’t do equal.  And Charles Darwin was no egalitarian. 

Atheists who deny the role of evolution in shaping race differences or deny the role of biology in shaping sex differences are operating in the mode of religion.  The fact that their religion lacks a god does not make it rational. 

It is possible to believe in a god without denying the realities of human nature.  It is not possible to believe that all race and sex differences are 100% socially constructed and 0% genetically constructed without denying the realities of human nature. 

"The variability or diversity of the mental faculties in men of the same race, not to mention the greater differences between the men of distinct races, is so notorious that not a word need here be said. So it is with the lower animals." 
                                                    -Charles Darwin

The god of Thomas Jefferson derived from Jefferson’s studies of nature and human nature, not from scripture.  Egalitarians derive their views on race from scripture. 

They adhere to a fixed, faith-based belief in idealized equality – zero variability in cognitive endowment between any of the races.  They dogmatize their belief and render it impervious to any evidence to the contrary.  Whenever their closed belief system is threatened by evidence for racial variations, they respond in the manner of religious fanatics.  They denounce the evidence as “racist” (blasphemous), condemn those who present it, and call for banning any future research in areas of race that undermine their faith.