Monday, January 26, 2015

Time to Get Serious


In 2014, it was Time to Move On.  I stuffed everything I owned into my car and hit the road.  A few weeks later, I sold the car and set sail for Asia, then made way to Europe, then back to the United States.  In all, my World Demographic Decline Tour took me to 12 U.S. states and 21 countries.  Since October, I’ve been living in northern Idaho. 

When I talk about the problems of Diversity, my opinions derive from empirical evidence and direct experiences.  I’ve documented Diversity directly from the ghetto in south central Los Angeles and from the South Side of Chicago – places where few whites who say Diversity is a strength would ever venture into on their own.   I’ve ventured into the bowels of Philippine cities that most American Diversiphiles have never heard of, where mine was the only white face in sight.    
In 2014, I experienced a lot.  And in some ways I accomplished a lot.  I produced 138 videos documenting my travels.  Not all of those videos contained serious educational or ideological significance.  Some did, or so I hope.  Whatever their value, you probably won’t be seeing more travelogue videos from me this year.   
In 2015, it’s time to get serious.  My goal this year is to transition from being a roaming documenter of demographic decline to an advocate for a future that might be and could be.  I seek to communicate, to a wider audience, the necessary foundations for a free, prosperous, and glorious society that enters into demographic ascent.  I think the best way to formally lay down this intellectual infrastructure is by writing a book. 
It’s not going to be a book about demographic winter, or the death of the West, or the fall of civilization.  Books have already written on those subjects and videos have been made.  As for my Demographic Decline videos, some people have commented that they are too depressing.

Demographic Decline 2015: Death Spiral

This line of criticism contains some validity.  Wallowing in defeatist pessimism won’t save civilization.

The other downside to drawing attention to our impending demographic doom without providing constructive solutions is that the extreme undesirability of our present course will provoke some people into advocating radical authoritarian policies.  That is a dead end.  Policy prescriptions that repel most sensible white people will serve to strengthen their relative affinity for the status quo. 

 By contrast, simply informing whites that their demographic decline will result in them being relegated to minority status accomplishes something useful.  It makes them more receptive to policy ideas from the right and more inclined to oppose leftist race-leveling programs such as Affirmative Action.  

As I see it, documenting demographic decline is necessary but insufficient.  Identifying what’s wrong with our present state of racial affairs won’t be my book’s central focus, but doing so will provide important context for my arguments.  I’ll also need to back them up with hard facts and relevant scientific studies.  To illustrate some of my points, I may sprinkle in anecdotes from my travels and museum visits.  

It won’t be a dry, academic tome. The book won’t be aimed at academics per se. The target audience will be people of reason who value freedom and prosperity but don’t yet grasp the underlying importance of race and inheritance.

I’d like to be able to focus full-time on this project. However, I don’t expect to get an advance from a publisher or make enough money off book sales to replace the income from my current job. So this book will have to get written in my spare time. I resolve now to create more time for writing by eliminating distractions and curtailing my activity on YouTube. I will still make videos, but less frequently. I may spin off videos or articles deriving from the book as sections of it get completed.

I’m guessing I can get the book finished before the end of the year. Maybe I’ll be able to do it before the end of the summer. Maybe it will take significantly longer. Regardless, I won’t rush it out in order to meet a deadline. I’ll publish the book when and only when I am satisfied that I have achieved my goals to the best of my ability.

There is path that leads to a free, prosperous, and glorious society in demographic ascent…

Friday, January 16, 2015

Schiff Predictions and Bitcoin Bubble Revisited

Peter Schiff had predicted that in 2014 the Fed would stop tapering and reverse course, launching additional QE.  At the time he was making these predictions, I called him out. I suggested he'd likely be proven wrong.  He was proven wrong.

Do I think he owes me an apology?  (He stated that I owe him a legitimate apology!)  No.  A vow to stop making rash predictions would suffice.

A few years ago, I made some rash predictions about the silver market that were proven wrong.  I learned my lesson.  Has Schiff learned his?

On Feb. 8, 2014, Schiff put out a video (featuring his CNBC interview on Feb. 4) titled Market Headed Lower Until Taper Reversed.  That was right near the lows for the year in U.S. stock indexes.  The market headed higher, and the taper wasn't reversed.

On Dec. 28, 2013, I uploaded a video called Bitcoin: A Mania in Nothing.  That was right near the top in Bitcoin, which I warned was in a mania that would end badly.  Did I accurately call the top and predict Bitcoin's subsequent fall by more than 70%?  In all honesty, no. The neat timing of my video's release at the top was as much luck as skill.

That's how it is with "successful" prognosticators.  Sometimes good luck  makes them look smart.  But no one can outsmart the market consistently.  Peter Schiff demonstrates the validity of this generalization via his track record as a contrarian forecaster.