Monday, April 6, 2015

Genetic Infrastructure

The people of a nation make up what may be called its genetic infrastructure. The genetic infrastructure of a nation is its most valuable material asset – more valuable than its roads and bridges, more valuable even than all the land contained within its borders.

A nation’s gross domestic product is driven by the productivity of its people. Sub-Saharan African countries are rich in natural resources but poor in terms of per capita GDP. Singapore, on the other hand, possesses virtually no natural resources yet exhibits very high standards of living. Haiti is situated on land suitable for a tropical paradise. But it is instead a land of abject poverty.

From the slums of Haiti to the ghettos of Detroit, from the favelas of Brazil to the townships of South Africa, people of sub-Saharan African descent express their genotype through the communities they create. The same can be said of people of European descent. From the frigid climes of Iceland to the Land Down Under, from the productive Boer farms of South Africa to the expat communities of Mexico, from the Whitopias of Montana to the Gates of Vienna, European people grow societies with European characteristics wherever they plant their genetic seeds.

Wealth doesn’t exist in the ground; it is created by minds that transform raw materials into useful products, and that transform useful products into more complex and more advanced products. Underlying all great inventions and innovations, from Johann Gutenberg’s printing press to Elon Musk’s spaceflight enterprise, are great minds. And underlying great minds is a material asset whose necessity in intellectual capital formation most economists either don’t grasp or dare not mention. That material asset is the deoxyribonucleic acid that exists within our cells. DNA is destiny – it determines whether a person will be male or female, have light skin or dark, be tall or short, posses the cognitive capacity needed to attain genius-level IQ or be afflicted with mental retardation.

DNA shapes who we are as individuals. And our aggregated genetic qualities make up our nation’s genetic infrastructure. When a nation’s genetic infrastructure is strong and well-maintained, all citizens derive benefits. Not only does a high-quality gene pool produce great thinkers and innovators on the right tail of the IQ bell curve. It also gives us ordinary folks in the middle of the IQ bell curve who are capable of being self-reliant. It gives us well-functioning communities where people can safely walk the streets at night and keep their doors unlocked during the day.

A person’s genetic hard wiring is like a computer’s processor. The more powerful the processor, the more tasks a computer can perform. The more genetically gifted a person is for a particular trait, the more he or she can achieve. The more a nation’s gene pool improves, the more its economy and overall quality of life can advance. That is not to say that genes directly transmit the values and principles that are necessary for the creation of a free, prosperous, and glorious society. Just as software determines how a computer’s processing capacity is utilized, ideas determine how a person’s cognitive capacity is directed -- whether for constructive or destructive ends.

Unfortunately, the minds of most of the people who occupy positions of power and influence are filled with destructive ideas. As a consequence, the governments of all Western nations are dedicatedly pursuing destructive policies. Western countries are bent on are destroying their own genetic infrastructure – the one material asset that is indispensable to national identity and without whose preservation Western nations will cease to exist except as arbitrarily demarcated zones of dirt on a global map.

Instead of carrying out policies that would strengthen or at the very least preserve the existing genetic infrastructure, government officials are acting as vandals. They are using taxpayer money to vandalize the West’s genetic heritage. They are subsidizing fertility among the dimmest segments of society through various social welfare programs. They are discouraging fertility among the brightest through feminist indoctrinations at universities. At great cost, they are importing then housing, feeding, clothing, and schooling non-Western refugees who hail from backward war-torn countries. Commonly, these refugees are culturally hostile Muslims who derive from gene pools have been degraded by generations of inbreeding. These populations also have significantly higher birth rates than native Westerners.

Through refugee resettlement and other dysgenic social engineering programs, culturally Marxist governments are bureaucratically breaking down the West’s genetic infrastructure. They aim ultimately to replace the genetic infrastructure native to the West with an imported mish-mash of weaker components that don’t fit and never will.

These criminal governments are working to secure a dysgenic future for men and women of the West. That is their ideological commitment. It need not be our destiny.


  1. An eloquent presentation as always, and I love the metaphor of ideas as software. Greg Johnson gave an interview once in which he compared Jewish immigrants to the West to hackers, who arrived with the objective of infiltrating and subverting the workings of European civilization's hardware.

  2. Genes vs. memes.

  3. Sam Francis wrote:"One cannot separate a culture from the genetic endowments of its founding people, nor can you transfer it to another people."

    And Solzhenitsyn: "The nations of the world are the wealth of mankind, each with its own divine facets."

    They both believed in a diversity OF nations, not WITHIN nations as the term diverse nation would be an oxymoron.