Monday, November 30, 2015

Hungary for a Real Leader

“I feel that we have to seize every opportunity to finally talk about demographics openly, free from political taboos, and, if possible, among the widest possible circles.” 

These words are from a recent speech given by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.  He is the rare European leader who grasps what’s now at stake for European civilization.  If the current policies of the European Union stand, Europeans will be demographically swamped in their own countries by Third World transients.  Europe as we have known it will cease to exist.

From Viktor Orbán’s speech to the Budapest Demographic Forum:
The situation is that in Europe today it is not PC to talk about demographic issues. I am personally faced almost daily with the fact that there are certain topics which nowadays are not considered suitable subjects for discussion in the European public sphere. There are words which simply cannot be uttered – not for aesthetic reasons, but for political reasons.  
The Europe of which we were once proud – because this was the world of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of opinion – is today in such an intellectual state, has manoeuvred itself into such a spiritual state, that certain words, questions and political concepts cannot even be uttered….  
I sincerely hope that we who have gathered here today want a Europe which is based on families rather than on immigration… 
There are times when demographers must have their voices heard. We are now living in such times. The survival of our civilisation and culture is at stake. In the history of the world, not a single culture which was unable to populate the land in which it lived was able to survive…

This is the kind of talk we need to hear from heads of state in all Western countries, because all Western countries now face the prospect of demographic decline and population replacement.  More than talk, we need action.  To its credit, Hungary’s government has resisted mandatory EU refugee quotas.  It has erected a border fence to stem the flow of handout-seeking invaders. 

But last year it shut down a conference made up of people who gathered from around the world to discuss the very issues Orbán says we must speak openly about.  Conference organizer Richard Spencer was jailed by Hungarian authorities for thought crimes. 

Maybe it took this year’s unprecedented flood of uninvited migrants to wake up Hungarian officials from their EU-induced Politically Correct stupor.

When I visited Budapest in 2010, there were no visible signs of any refugee invasion.  But I knew it was only a matter of time before population replacement programs hit Hungary.  Here is the video footage and commentary I recorded while on the ground in Budapest:

I couldn’t have conceived of just how big a demographic tsunami would strike Budapest five years later.  This is how the Gatestone Institute described the disaster:
The realities on the ground at Hungary's international railway terminus had to be seen to be believed. Hungarians were easily outnumbered 200 to 1 by predominantly young Muslim males. These newcomers engaged in sporadic violence; rioted at the sight of passing camera crews, and left the station littered with human excrement.

A country’s main railway station literally gone to shit.  That’s what happens when a country’s will -- to defend itself and its borders -- goes to shit.  That’s what PC culture does to a country.
  European Union migration policy represents a demographic death pact for EU member countries.  Hungary’s defiance represents the possibility that some countries in Europe will act to ensure that their European character lives for future generations.