Monday, March 23, 2015

Libertarian Bionationalism: An Ideology for a New Ascendancy

A free, prosperous, and glorious country that reverses dysgenic demographic decline and enters into demographic ascent could be ours.  If you’d like to be able one day to call such a place home, then I invite you to become a fellow soldier in the ideological battle for a new ascendancy.  There is an ideology that extols freedom, prosperity, and glory – and nourishes the genetic roots that grow the values it champions.  This ideology deserves a proper name. 

It is not conservatism.  Conservatism implies a backward-looking revival of former traditions.  As it’s practiced in America, political conservatism is little more than progressivism on a lag.  An American conservative today embraces most of what Progressives championed in the recent past – Social Security, Medicare, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, Disabled Rights, Gay Wedding Cake Rights, and other invented rights that require legions of federal bureaucrats to enforce.  Only a small segment of conservatives, who might be called paleo-conservatives, reject the progressive’s panoply of positive rights and favor returning government to its constitutional functions. 

Those who identify as reactionary or neo-reactionary might reject the entire Enlightenment worldview that informed America’s Founders.  Some neo-reactionaries favor returning to monarchy; others to some form of feudalism.  Some NRXers seek to install a social order underpinned by Orthodox Christianity.  Others look back even further, to pre-Christian paganism. 

How far back in history do you look for ideological inspiration?  How much of a reaction against modernity do you desire?  These are questions that presuppose conservatism as the operating paradigm.  But in my view, conservatism in all its subdivisions and degrees – from neo to paleo – is failed and flawed. 

An ideology of ascent should be forward-looking, not reactive – defined not based on what it opposes but what it seeks to achieve.  That doesn’t necessarily entail the rejection of traditions that have heretofore shaped our cultural and political institutions.  But it does entail the rejection of traditionalism as a primary ideological orientation.  We seek to chart a path to a future that is superior to both the present and the past.  We yearn to live in a nation of rising freedom, rising IQs, and rising standards of well-being. 

Computer technology and biotechnology will make such a glorious future possible.  But it won’t be realized without the ascension of a new kind of nationalism.  A nationalism that eschews authoritarian impulses and suffuses itself instead to the principles of liberty.  An enlightened nationalism that is validated in reason, guided by science, and informed by the biological realities of human nature and its racial variations.

Such an ideology deserves a proper name.  Unfortunately, there’s no ready-made, widely accepted term for it.  Rather than try to coin a neologism that lacks common currency, I’ll employ a compound noun that names the three most essential components: libertarian bio-nationalism (LBN).  The term libertarian bio-nationalism has the advantage of being precise (unlike vague left/right labels) without being tied to a particular time, place, or person.  Any country – from the United States to Sweden to Japan – can adapt LBN to its own particular bionational identity. 

I grant that the label “libertarian” is imperfect.  “Libertarian” has acquired some unfortunate connotations due its appropriation by left-libertarians, anarchists, and methodological individualists who dogmatically cling to a biophobic blank-slate conception of human nature. 

I believe that “libertarian,” which shares the same etymological roots as “liberty,” is worth reclaiming from the mis-appropriators.  A political libertarian seeks self-determination within a particular geographic area.  A nationalist seeks self-determination for a particular geographic area.  Thus, libertarian nationalism is a logical union.  I’d argue that libertarianism and nationalism are not only compatible, but mutually reinforcing and mutually necessary. 

Libertarians need nations.  No amount of theorizing about imaginary anarcho-capitalist legal agencies has ever brought down a government.  Nobody in power fears being overthrown by anarcho-capitalists.  But nationalists have overthrown governments.  Nationalists do strike fear into the hearts of the ruling elites of many countries.  Nationalism is powerful because it is more than a set of abstract ideas.  Nationalism harnesses the power of a population’s identity and concrete interests.    

Libertarian nationalism is freedom through power.  Without nationalism, libertarianism is little more than the weak pleadings of inefficacious idealists.  With nationalism, libertarianism becomes an ideological force with the tangible capability of sustaining itself. 

Libertarians need nationalism.  Nationalists need libertarianism.  And libertarian nationalism needs a biocentric metaphysic.  A nationalism based solely on faith or tradition or language or historical borders gives leftists the ability to posture as the champions of science, progress, and a better future.  In reality, so-called progressives are the arch enemies of a free and open society.  When it comes to the heritability of IQ differences among different sociobiological populations, progressives deny science and seek to ban its dissemination.  In the name of equality, they demand that Western nations genetically and culturally retrogress into Third World nations.   The ideology of human progression is libertarian bionationalism. 
I grant that a government constrained by libertarian chains would have less capacity to effectuate demographic improvement than an unchained authoritarian government.  A fascist dictatorship could institute coercive eugenics programs that would, in theory, raise the national IQ faster and more dramatically than any set of voluntary incentivizes.  But a government that treats its own people like domesticated livestock inverts the very concept of human ascendancy.  We don’t exist for the purpose of improving the gene pool.  We seek to improve the gene pool because it will make our lives better.


  1. Libertarianism is insufficent to protect us from "the merchants".

    Degeneracy must be controlled by the state.

    The "merchants" must be kept in line.

    1. Same commenter as above.

      Your problem lies in your overly-idealistic views that the masses can be trusted.

      No, the vast majority of the masses cannot be trusted in this age to rule over themselves.

      We are animals first, people second, (and only SOME people ever reach the second part).

      Just my opinion, and I do like this idea, I had almost the exact same idea when I got fresh into the nationalism movement, but you need to do more reading, learn more about history, especially world war 2, read books like "propaganda", by Edward Bernays...

      The masses cannot be trusted with self rulerships, because do so, they must remain focused on self education, which we have seen in the "American Experiment" does not work.

      The vast majority of golden ages of humanity have been under Benevolent Monarchies, and that is how it should be.

    2. I'm no fan of mass democracy. I favor an enlightened aristocracy.

  2. Every time I hear the word "Libertarian" combined with the phrase "White Nationalist" it makes me laugh. Libertarianism never was, isn't, and never will be, compatible with White Nationalism. In fact, Libertarianism is even more compatible with the Left, if that can be believed, than White Nationalism.

    The best thing to do is marry Libertarianism with the Left, and I have figured out how to do that: A person is free to do whatever he or she wants and own his or her own property, so long as they do not infringe upon another's right to do so. Given that many of the top 1% billionaires have very often violated the rights of individuals here and abroad, or funded governments that have committed mass murder, they have forfeited their rights to their property. One who funds a government that tortures its own people in order to gain access to natural resources or exploit labor deserves to have their wealth confiscated and given to the general society. Meanwhile, one who has earned his or her money by playing the free market fairly and upon a voluntary customer-business basis should be free to keep all of his or her money. Wealth redistribution IS okay in some circumstances, in the case of people who have caused liberty to be taken away. A good example is car insurance companies, who lobbied for legislation to force people to buy their product, or private prison companies, who have lobbied for get tough on crime legislation and putting people away for what they put into their bodies. Private prison corporations should be made to pay reparations to all the people they incarcerated for small times drug offenses.

    Reparations-based libertarianism, based on the principles I have just described, could effect a change in the racially-disparate income gaps. People need a level playing field to play on.

    As for the bio part, the belief that some races are intellectually superior to others, pure rubbish. Science HAS proved it to be bunk. The genetic variation between individuals is FAR greater than the genetic variation between races, almost to the point where the genetic variation between races is nonexistent, except for a few external features. Period.

    1. 1.) Libertarianism is inherently INCOMPATIBLE with Leftism. Leftists see humans as not just morally equal, but equal in all pursuits. Any belief in Liberty is fundamentally incompatible with any ideology which disregards variation between individuals.
      2.) The kind of "Reparations-based" libertarianism you propose is simply socialism with a libertarian rhetoric. "wealth redistribution IS okay in some circumstances", that is the same mentality that allowed all of the laws you state to be passed. It is the Congressmen, State Legislators, etc. you deserve the punishment. If your okay with coercing money out of insurance companies who benefited from the law, would you be okay with doing the same to the receivers of welfare? No you would not, because that would conflict with your "left-libertarian" ideal, that all inequality is caused by the state and not nature.
      3.) What research do you plan to cite to back your racial egalitarian clams? Would you like to show us IQ statistics? Would you like to show us evidence that ALL racial variation is derived from harsh drug laws and the like? Or do you simply take it on faith, because any biological inequality would conflict with your egalitarian world view? "The genetic variation between individuals is FAR greater than the genetic variation between races", it is the differences between individuals that demonstrates the differences in the mean IQ of races, not debunks it.

  3. Let me add some more to what I just wrote (I'm the anon above).
    Private prison consortiums have lobbied govt for get-tough on crime legislation. In order to secure their profit base, they had to segment and divide the population. If private prison companies locked up Whites as often as they did to Blacks, they would be shooting themselves in the foot, and killing the goose that laid their golden eggs, because they depended on a majority of voters (usually conservative whites) to pass their get tough on crime legislation. So they cordoned off the Black population and propagated propaganda to make White conservative voters be afraid of Blacks. This is the origin of all this "Black Crime" nonsense.

    This is also the reason why powdered cocaine carries a less sentence than crack cocaine; different sentencing structures were aimed at different demographics, mainly based on income level. Racial profiling by police finished the job, ensuring that more Blacks got locked up.

    Once this happened, it created a demographic where homes were broken. With Black males being locked up, it left many children growing up in single-parent families. Meanwhile, Black males who were incarcerated faced the "felon category" on job applications. Being underemployed led to friendlessness and less of an ability to find and keep a mate, which added further to the deterioration of the Black family. It also led toward a more violent culture, as prison is violent. This ensured that large demographics would continue to be in violence and poverty, which became a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

    White media seized upon this, looking only at the symptoms and not the causes, and causing many Whites to conclude that "Blacks just aren't intelligent and capable enough" etc etc etc. C'mon. You know the mechanics I have just laid out to be true! Don't tell me its not.

    1. "This is also the reason why powdered cocaine carries a less sentence than crack cocaine; different sentencing structures were aimed at different demographics, mainly based on income level." I think this sums up your deep need to be an apologist for black crime. Blacks are poorer because we treat them badly and they are treated badly because they are poor. It is just an unfalsifiable circular argument. Perhaps if we acknowledged racial differences, like we did pre-1950, and didn't simply deny any racial variation, we wouldn't be in our current mess.Your distaste in the police state is justified, but the police state cannot simply be a scapegoat for all crimes committed by Blacks. A Libertarian society would be 1000x better for all races of mankind then what we have today, but it will not magically make your egalitarian dreams a reality.

    2. It sounds like a circular argument, but what it actually is is a feedback loop. Whites treated Blacks badly in the past, and this led toward Blacks getting a "chip on their shoulder" so to speak and a desire to separate or think that "White society is against them." This, in turn, led toward Whites not wanting to hire them or have anything to do with them, which in turn increased the feeling among Blacks that White society is racist toward them. One feeds back into another.

      It is somewhat analogous toward the situation on Venus. Let me explain: theoreticians assert that Venus may once have had liquid water and oceans on its surface, but because it was so close to the sun, the heat caused the oceans to evaporate and also caused carbon to go into its atmosphere. This led toward releases of greenhouse gases, which in turn caused the oceans to boil away even quicker. They call this a "runaway greenhouse effect," leading to the surface of Venus becoming a searing 800 degrees Fahrenheit or some ridiculous temperature, which it is today.

      Racism acts like that; it becomes a runaway process, circling and cycling back into itself. The old adage: "Violence begets violence" is an expression that sums it up perfectly. Blacks experience violence at the hands of cops or the prison system, which in turn causes them to react with violence of their own, which in turn leads toward even more violent state repression. So many things in Nature, both sociological and physical, act like runaway feedback loops. But there are things that can be done to undo this. It's just that it is tricky and takes much work to undo them, and you have to work really hard and make a little progress day by day. Separating based on ethnicity and race is the easy way out (and less rewarding).

      Cultures have been enriched greatly by interracial contact. Civilization and capitalism grew by commerce and trade of ideas, and travel (which resulted often in race-mixing). It's just as fact throughout history; the greatest civilizations always occurred in places where cultures came into contact with each other, such as Moorish Spain and ancient Mesopotamia, as well as Egypt. Isolationism, which is basically what White nationalism is, will only lead toward a closing of ideas and of the mind, which will lead toward stagnation. What happens when a beaver builds a dam, closing off a pond from a fresh stream? The pond becomes stagnant, a breeding ground for mosquitoes and algae. But break through the dam and fresh water can come in. It is just as much in our nature to trade DNA and race mix as it is to stick with our own kind. Horticulturalists know that a corn field with one variety of genetically modified corn is far more susceptible to disease and blight than a cornfield with diverse stock. Diverse gene pools make the human race more resilient and robust. But besides that, sharing culture does too. When one learns a new language, one learns to think in a new way, making new neurological connections.

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    1. Oh look, a troll. Hi troll.

  5. The idea alone that we need to be "forward looking" vs "backward looking" makes you a believer in social progress, i.e. Marxist. Conservatist doesn't believe that there is "forward looking" or "backward looking". A conservative understands that human DNA haven't had changed significantly in the past 10,000 years. Therefore, we are who we are and the tools that have shown the most success in these past 10,000 years are the best for the current times too. Conservatist believes that human behavior doesn't change, the same way physics laws don't change. We still believe in Newton's Laws. There is no progress in them. Anyone claiming progress in the Newton's Laws of Motion is a crook. Marxism is an umbrella under which all people who believe in progress in natural laws gather. Conservatists are people who recognize there is no progress in human nature and by extension human societies. The solution to the problems you present on your awesome blog is "lack of" no "more of". Lack of guys manipulating with Newton's Laws, not another set of them who want to manipulate them in different manner. Lack of guys manipulating on the social fabric, not another set of them who want to manipulate sociecties in opposite direction.

  6. Oh god, this is dumb.

    The author claims support for an "enlightened aristocracy" over democracy, which is contrary to the NAP.

    The author also claims the term libertarian has been "mis-appropriated" by left-wingers, when in reality the term was used originally (and still is) by European left-wingers, until it was later taken by American right-wingers to describe themselves.

    There also is no scientific consensus that race is a reality (in fact, "races" are a European invention to bundle ethnic groups together arbitrarily), let alone that they have different abilities.
    (Inb4 a low-iq nationalist claims the Jews are responsible for that)

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